With a message to send and a voice to deliver, Kalysta is revitalizing a soulful reflection of American music history. This twenty-one-year-old songstress finds her inspiration in the deep grooves of ‘Motown’ era Funk and Soul, the elegance and class of the ‘Big Band’ era and the passion and energy of Latin and Pop crossover, while her heart beats to contemporary R&B. After recently winning the award for Best Jazz Vocalist at the Alma Jazz Festival and Best Jazz vocalist at the 2020 Great Lakes Bay Region Review Music Awards providing momentum with calendar tour dates to perform across the Midwest, and production of her upcoming EP. With roots in Motown, Kalysta is preparing to take the world by storm and bring her talent and abilities to the stage of greats. Honoring iconic women in music from Aretha Franklin to Alicia Keys, while also utilizing postmodern fusions of funk and hip-hop inspired by current masters of the trade, such as Bruno Mars. Her message? Music unites. It brings people from all backgrounds together to find the common purpose of togetherness and joy. With a philanthropist spirit, Kalysta aims to provide resources and assistance for underprivileged children, veterans and the disabled, by bringing together those who can help others in need.